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when sending email, please note that the spaces and "at" must be replaced by "@"

Screenplay Submission


We welcome new,
extremely well-written screenplays.
If you wish to submit your screenplay, please follow this procedure:
1. Send a one-page long synopsis to synopses"at"kantoproductions.com.
when sending email, please note that the spaces and "at" must be replaced by "@"
 ::  Write the word "SYNOPSIS" in CAPITAL letters,
followed by the name of your screenplay in the subject line. Nothing else!
::  Write or paste your synopsis in the body of the email.
We no longer can accept unsolicited attachments.
If you do not follow the above instructions,
your email will be ignored or deleted by our spam/virus filtering.

Continue to #2 A only if you receive an email from us requesting your screenplay.
If at all, you should receive such email within 4-16 weeks.
- please follow the instructions in detail -
2 A. Click this link: www.atophill.com/release

Download and print the release form (pdf), read, complete clearly and sign it.
Either scan the completed and signed form or take a photo of each page
and email the full release to info"at"atophill.com
with the name of your script and the word "RELEASE" on the subject line.

Mailing Address:
Kanto Productions LLC / Atophill
2551 Galena Ave #85, Simi Valley, CA 93062, USA

2 B. As soon as we have received and checked your release, we will let you know.
ONLY AFTER THAT - you may email us the full script and the notes (below).
The email must be sent from the same email address as the release.

These notes must be included with the script (in Word or text file format):
 - genre of the content (1-2 words)
- a two-three sentence logline
- a full one-page synopsis

- a list of main characters (with short description of each)

Note that submissions that have not been requested or
without the signed release are not read, not returned, but thrown away.

3. Make sure that the printout of your screenplay fully complies
with the standard industry guidelines
please read them
at http://www.atophill.com/mp/Screenplay_Printing_Guide.pdf )


No phone calls or personal deliveries are accepted.
We normally read the requested and submitted screenplay within 4-16 weeks.
After that, you will receive an email with our comment.