Your Face Tells All,

Written by

Erik Kanto

Ilona Kanto

Atophill Publishing


176 Pages

ISBN: 1-929956-13-4




            Ever wondered if the mate you’re searching for is Mister or Miss Right? Will they be the ideal person to fit your needs? Can you look them in the eye and determine their future, health, and see their possible potentials?  Ever wanted to explore your family and friends temperament, disposition or success? The book, “Your Face Tells All” can aid you in the quest for answers. Erik, and Ilona Kanto have committed into researching, and practice the fading Chinese custom of “Face Reading,” together they share their knowledge, in a simplified, easy to understand self-improvement book.


            The book reveals all the basics information for consumers to understand their own personality. A tool for today’s salespeople trying to meet the needs of their customers, for parents and teachers wishing to understand and communicate effectively with children and teenagers discovering who they are and want to be - in other words, something for everyone.


            Filled with fifty-two photos of Hollywood’s biggest stars, from Tom Cruise, to John Ttavolta, and Britney Spears. Along with ancient and modern proverbs from around the world, all combine to award readers of all ages and walks of life useful information to learn the art of face reading. Face Reading not only an art, is also a science, which deals with universal laws, making it as relevant and useful today as it was during the times of Confucius.


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Reviewed by, James Chancellor of,

Independent Professional Book Reviewers