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Mother's Day 2005: Hollywood's Passionate Moms Are Everywhere

Your face tells all! Face reading experts reveal the Top Ten Sexiest Moms in Hollywood.

Simi Valley, CA, April 27, 2005 – Ancient face reading reveals amazing things about you! It can tell if you are intelligent, kind, good at money matters, even if you are a sexy Mom. Face reading experts Ilona and Erik Kanto tell in the new book, Your Face Tells All, that your mouth’s shape discloses things about you that you may or may not want others to know. If your lips are thin, your thoughts are probably elsewhere than in the bedroom. But if your lips are full, like Angelina Jolie’s or Sophia Loren’s, and at the same time your cheeks are somewhat round, you are probably a passionate Mom and among the sexiest women in the world.
    The other women they site as the Top Ten Sexiest Moms in Hollywood are Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Andie MacDowell, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford.
    Erik Kanto and Ilona Kanto are the authors of a new book, Your Face Tells All: Learn the Wisdom of the Chinese Art of Face Reading, by Atophill Publishing, distributed by Biblio Distribution. For more info visit