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·        1998 THE COMMUNICATOR AWARD,  "Ms. Mei Zi’s Hollywood in China -The Documentary," one-hour documentary (PHOTOGRAPHER, RESEARCHER & WRITER)

·        1996 BRONZE TELLY AWARD, “Children of the World” 11-episode television series (PHOTOGRAPHER, RESEARCHER & WRITER)

·        1996 NEMN BRONZE AWARD, “Children of the World”  11-episode television series (PHOTOGRAPHER, RESEARCHER & WRITER)

·        1992 BRONZE TELLY AWARD for "Come Home to Modern Finland"; produced for The Finnish Tourist Board, USA. (PHOTOGRAPHER, RESEARCHER & WRITER)

·        1991-continues numerous awards as an artist (oil painting)




·        When Ilona Kanto was young, she won several writing competitions. The writer of the original short story of Jaguar Priest, Tuula Pelttari, has won prestigious awards in ancient history-based stories and novels. Ilona Kanto has been writing as a journalist for almost all her life and co-authored three books.

As a journalist, quite many stories have involved themes of paranormal or ufos. The theme of Jaguar Priest touches those areas as well. The main character Ah-Kin-May is able to read minds, and he is able to change his form from a human being into a bird or even a jaguar. These stories belong to Mayan mythology. When Spanish conquerors came, they claim some Mayans telling how they have seen a human changing their form.
PS: If being a female writer is not commercial enough, Ilona Kanto is fine with the idea for her being J.W Kanto.